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Chevy Nova Restomod

1964 Chevy II Nova SS

New Britain, CT

Chevy Nova restomod at Z2 Motorsports.

This mean machine is a 1964 Chevy II Nova SS done with a restomod build.  An earlier build, it comes loaded with an LT1, aftermarket front clip with rack & pinion steering, four-wheel discs, vintage AC, and a digital dash, all surrounded by a beautiful shiny red finish.  Interestingly, the Nova SS name started as a trim level for the Chevy II, but became so popular it became its own model in 1969.  While this is not a Z2 build, Z2 maintains this car, and replaced the original hood with a 2” cowl induction hood, matching the original color perfectly.

Car Background.

The 1964 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova SS holds a revered status in the history of classic American cars. Esteemed for its blend of sporty design and performance-focused attributes, the Nova SS epitomized a pivotal era in automotive history. This compact car was offered as both a two-door coupe and a convertible, each showcasing distinctive SS elements such as badging, simulated hood louvers, and a special grille configuration. This led to an exterior that radiated energy and intent, embodying the essence of the growing muscle car trend.

What truly set the 1964 Chevy II Nova SS apart, however, was what lay beneath its hood. Buyers had the option to equip this compact powerhouse with a range of V8 engines, including the 283 cubic-inch V8 that could muster up to an impressive 220 horsepower. This engine gave the Nova SS impressive agility and vitality.

The driving experience of the Nova SS was characterized by its adept handling and responsive nature. This car was designed to be nimble, allowing drivers to navigate corners with confidence and enjoy the thrill of acceleration. 

Today, the 1964 Chevy II Nova SS is highly sought after by collectors, recognized for its historical importance and influence on compact performance cars. Its lasting appeal is a testament to its iconic design, thrilling driving experience, and significant impact on car enthusiasts. The Chevy Nova SS embodies the spirit of an era focused on combining style and speed, solidifying its place as a cherished automotive heritage.


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