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About Z2 Motorsports

Our Story

Marc Ulan, Z2 Motorsports founder, has been obsessed with things with wheels as far back as he can remember.  From tricycles, bicycles, mini-bikes, motocross, motorcycles, and eventually cars and race cars.  Marc prepared early for a life of playing with cars by graduating from automotive school, becoming a ASE Certified, and working as a technician for many years.  


From there he was ready to open his own shop and live his dream. But being relatively young, and largely unwise of the ways of the world, he wondered if there might be something else out there for him.  After much deliberation, he quit his mechanics job, learned how to bartend at night, and went to college during the day.


After graduating, Marc worked for many years as a technology leader and management consultant supporting Fortune 100 companies and world class Universities.  All along, Marc was building, restoring, and racing cars, always secretly wishing he could do that full time.  Z2 is the culmination of that wish.  


Now with the business experience he could never had imagined when he was a technician, and an unparalleled team of car restorers around him, Marc is extremely proud and happy to make Z2 Motorsports a reality, and to bring its services to people who also have a lifetime love of cars, and things with wheels.

Marc Ulan, classic car restorer near me & founder of Z2 Motorsports
Marc Ulan, classic car restorer & founder of Z2 Motorsports
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Marc with his wife Lilian, son Zachary, and special helper Buns.

Our Team

Meet the crew at Z2 Motorsports. We are an experienced team of car restorers, fabricators, mechanics, body/paint technicians, and most of all, car enthusiasts.

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Jason Punty

General Manager

Jason has been a lifelong, self-described “gearhead”, gravitating towards cars for as long as he can remember.  Before he was old enough to drive, he rode dirt bikes, and raced remote control cars while most kids his age were playing sports.

Jason went on to attend EC Goodwin Tech, becoming an ASE Master Technician, and working for many years as a technician.  But Jason’s true passion and loyalty was for cars much faster and more interesting than your average car.  Jason had the need for speed and a passion for engineering excellence.  To satisfy that need he built and raced an early Mustang for many years, and pioneered a fully adjustable billet suspension setup for RC trucks.  With fully adjustable suspensions, including ride height, thrust angle, camber, caster, toe, and wedge, the truck’s with Jason’s underpinnings dominated the RC racing series.

While RC racing is fun, Jason knows there is nothing like the deep rumble of good old-fashioned American V8 iron, and all the better if that rumble comes from a car with a fiberglass body and the admiration and desire of many generations, Corvettes.  Jason’s love of the true American sports car knows no bounds, and is strengthened by his passion for painstakingly bringing them back to life, and restoring them to the glory that they so deserve.  Whether it is a factory-correct, all numbers match, every nut and bolt restoration, or an LS-powered, fire-breathing C2 with custom suspension, Jason has it covered.  And for those that prefer cars with metal fenders, don’t worry, because Jason loves those as well.  He pours his heart into every build, and leverages his years of experience to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Darren Wood

Body/Paint and Drag Racing Expert

Born in Chicago and raised in northern Indiana, always the over-achiever, Darren earned three degrees from Purdue University including a Bachelor of Science in computer science.  Upon graduation he had an amazingly successful career as an information technology professional for many years in a variety of industries.

But Darren always knew that cars and racing were his first calling.  Unable to restrain the passion, Darren owned and operated a custom build and paint shop for over 15 years, focusing on high-end builds of race cars, muscle cars, and other cars of interest.  

A true auto-enthusiast, Darren is an active NHRA drag racer at the Divisional and National level, competing in events across the country.  Campaigning in cars of his own design and build, Darren has won the North East Timing Organization (NETO) championship in 2002, 2005, and 2006, and was the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Jegs SPORTSNationals Super Gas winner in 2021.

Dave Gran

(In middle of podium winners)

Even as a little child, Dave was always found running at full speed regardless of what he was doing. His father, Al Gran, brought Dave to watch races at Lime Rock Park in CT which further fueled his passion for cars and racing.

While he always dreamed of racing himself, the perceived costs to get into racing prohibited him from making it a reality. One day after watching the Daytona 500 on TV, he felt like he just needed to find a way to make it a reality. As often in life it took some odd turns including his wife’s car stolen and stripped, which then seemed to make sense to turn into a race car, to make it all a reality. Since then, he’s earned numerous race wins.

Dave loves to share this knowledge and help make racing a reality for others to the point where he wrote a resource Go Ahead – Take the Wheel  as a guide into motorsports. All of this carries over to Z2 Motorsports where the shop wants to help guide people like yourself into motorsports, or enjoy a fun car through some twisty country roads.

Having gone to college at Western New England University majoring in marketing, he enjoys helping our small business grow and share the talents the shop has.

Lilian Ulan


Marc’s exceptionally supportive wife, Lilian, has 30+ years of experience as a management consultant and assists Marc in the administrative activities involved with running the business.

Zach Ulan

Social Media Coordinator

As one of Z2’s only staff members born in the 21st century, Zach is responsible for administering and maintaining Z2’s social media presence

Buns Ulan

Friendliness Coordinator

Without opposable thumbs, Buns’ fabrication skills are lacking, but she more than makes up for this deficit through her extensive experience in being cute and an overall good dog.


Occasionally, Z2 Motorsports will leverage outside experts to fill specific needs. In all cases, work done by subcontractors will be held to the same high standards as work performed in-house.

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