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1957 Lancia Aurelia

Mechanical Work

1957 Lancia Aurelia

This is a special car, and one that we were very proud to have in our shop.  Lancia produced 596 Aurelia’s in 1957, of which only 176 were of the Cabriolet or Spider variety, so you’re not likely to come across many of these at the grocery store.


The Aurelia was named for the Roman road that linked Rome to Pisa, the “Via Aurelia”.  It was one of the first production cars to sport a 100% alloy V6 engine.  The V6 uses a single camshaft between the cylinder banks, and hemispherical combustion chambers, with a single Solex or Weber carburetor.  Additionally, it has an innovative transaxle which combines a gearbox, clutch, differential, and inboard drum brakes into a single unit.  Very advanced for it’s time.


The beautiful soft leather seats feel and smell as good as you think they do, reaffirming the pedigree that this car suggests.  The example is the result of a meticulous restoration that spared no detail.